Financial Information


Drs. Tigani and their staff are most knowledgeable about orthodontic insurance and the process required for you to be able to receive orthodontic care and attain the maximum benefits from your insurance carrier.

We will be pleased to fill out a universal insurance form for you to file with your insurance claim for the treatment rendered in this office. However, we do wish to explain to you that the contract for dental insurance is between the insurance carrier and the patient, not between this office and the insurance company. Since policies covering dental procedures vary widely in their scope, we would like to suggest that you review your policy with the insurance administrator or carrier to determine more accurately the type of coverage that you have. Finally, you will be billed directly for all services rendered in this office. As we do not accept payments directly from the insurance company, you may expect to be reimbursed by them following the filing of your claim.



Drs. Tigani and their staff will make every effort to accommodate you so that you may get the maximum benefit from you health savings account.  In recent years, these accounts have varied with their fiscal start dates. We recognize this issue and will alter payment plans so that you can achieve the greatest benefit from your account.



We are proud to offer payment plans that suit your financial situation. Typically, our payment plans require a third of the treatment fee down and then interest-free monthly payments.  Some clients choose to pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  If you choose to pay in full, there is a 5% courtesy if you pay in cash or check and a 3% courtesy if you pay with a credit card.  Drs. Tigani are more than happy to custom tailor your payment plan for you to allow your treatment to be affordable and cost effective.


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